Your Coach ~ Ms. Mo

"What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it is all about?" 

        Hi! I'm Maureen, better known to most as Ms. Mo. I am the Founder of Motivated To Move, a mobile Puget Sound area based Children's Health, Wellness and Fitness Company. Motivated To Move has been offering classes to the Greater Seattle/Tacoma area since 1998. 

        I love sharing my enthusiasm for a fit and happy life to all in hopes of offering a road map in the sometimes overwhelming prospects of achieving life goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, wanting to achieve a career goal, interested in motivating and inspiring your children, or perhaps you just need help adjusting and/or changing a few undesirable habits - you have come to the right place.

        I am a Health & Wellness Coach, specializing in Early Childhood Physical Education and Development.  As a Nutritionist, Professional Development Coach, and a Certified Trainer, I feel confident that my 20 years experience, education, and passion for this will be an asset to you and to your family.

       I truly am excited that you are visiting my site today. This tells me that you are well on your way towards the best that life has to offer for you and the children around you. You really are closer than you think and you will reach your goals - small and large! Everyone was born motivated! Allow me to help you bring out the best that is in YOU!


Child Care Wellness
Facility Training

Child Care Menu and Fitness Planning is provided through Pierce County Child Care Resource and Referral Services out of Tacoma, Washington.  I work as a Technical Assistant to provide Health & Wellness Education to all Child Care facilities in Pierce County. To schedule your visit for menu planning and to introduce fitness into your curriculum for the staff and the children of your facilities, please contact the Pierce County office at (253) 591-5061.  This service is provided for free through this office by appointment only.  Call today to schedule a visit with Ms. Mo!


Kennydale Academy Maureen Martin


Children's Group Fitness

   Tumbling Tykes Fitness is an on-site children's fitness class taught in the Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Federal Way, and Puyallup areas. This 45 minute physical education Tumbling class is designed to introduce preschool and kindergarten-aged children to health and wellness through fun fitness games, tumbling, singing, and dancing.  Inspiring kids to start their fitness lifestyle early. These brave, powerful, little people deserve the chance to experience the world of fitness in an environment that spells out "Fitness is Fun" in hopes of them carrying it into their adulthood.  It isn't a chore, it is a fun way of life with so many rewards!  Feel free to contact me at: for more information on this program.

Adult Life Management

NorthStar Achievers provides Motivational and Educational workshops and seminars to parents which focus on Goal Achievement, Personal Weight Management, Health & Wellness, and my favorite, the "Finding Me" program. You can rely on me to be there to help you to and through the finish line with your goals. I will motivate and educate you so that you will be able to reach every goal you set out to achieve. There is a road map for this feat and I would love to share that with you. Feel free to contact me at: northstarachievers@ for more information on this program. 

The Individual Family

Health & Wellness Program

Fit For Life is a weight management and fitness program designed specifically for you and your child's unique needs.  If you are looking into losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining, and/or toning up your body or helping your child in any of these areas, please email me for a personal assessment so you can get started today!